10 Tips to Help You Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

At Bridal Avenue it’s our goal to help you find a beautiful wedding dress that you can’t wait to get married in! We’ve collected ten of our top tips to helps you with the shopping process.

1. Start shopping about a year out

This is the timeline we’d typically recommend. Our dresses take 6-8 months to come in and you want to have a couple of months for alterations (depending on the season).

2. Keep appointments limited to one per day if possible

We know it’s tempting to squeeze all of your appointments into one day but we recommend one per day to avoid overwhelm and/or having to cancel appointments with little notice if you find the one!

3. Limit your appointment guests to 2-3

Sometimes less is more. Bringing the whole squad may seem like a fun idea but we’ve witnessed one too many brides experience opinion overload.

4. Be aware of your budget

Having an idea of what your budget is helps you to determine what you’d like to try on and what is not realistic to bring into the change room. A budget also helps your stylist help you find the perfect dress.

Also keep in mind that there will most likely be expenses beyond the cost of the dress (for example alterations, a veil, accessories, etc.).

5. Have an idea of what you like but be open to other options

We see it so often. A bride comes in and is determined she will get married in one style. That style doesn’t live up to her expectations so she tries another and falls in LOVE! You don’t know unless you try!

6. Ask one of your guests to take photos of your favourite dresses

The photos will help jog your memory when comparing to others or making a decision. What photos do you look genuinely happy in? Which photos make you smile? Chances are that’s the dress!

7. Don’t expect your experience to fit a mold

This is not “Say Yes to the Dress”.. you may not cry. Actually, from our experience, most brides don’t. It doesn’t mean you haven’t found the one. If you love the dress, it makes you happy, and you can imagine marrying your partner in it that’s what matters.

8. If you’re comparing to a dress you’ve probably found the one

Constantly coming back to a dress and comparing all others to that one is a sign that you’ve found your dress!

9. Don’t over shop 

If you have a gut feeling that you’ve found your dress but you continue to shop just to see what else is out there you will probably end up confused and overwhelmed.

10. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box! 

We can’t stress this one enough! There are no rules you are obliged to follow when it comes to bridal. There are traditions you can choose to follow but that is 100% up to you! If you are drawn to colour or separates – run with it! Let your personality speak. This is YOUR wedding!

We hope you found these tips from our collective experience helpful! If you are ready to book a private studio appointment at Bridal Avenue you can do so here.

We can’t wait to meet you! 

Photography by Genevieve Imagery


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